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Use the master schedule matrix to determine in which period a particular course is offered. Click on a course in the list to see its description.

Corpus Christi Master Schedule

Third Period
Fourth Period
Fifth Period

Adventures in Engineering
Color My World
DECATS Yearbook
Denim Designs
Everything That Flies & Glides
From the Book to the Board
Give My Regards to Broadway
Global Games
See it in Print
Strike a Pose
The Tribe Has Spoken
Trials and Tribulations

After the Happily Ever After
Beyond the Runway
Fast & Furious
Hello, Hogwarts!
Jurassic Park
Kitchen Chemistry
Lego Robotics
Mash Up
Painting's Possible
Pasture Pastimes
Scene Stealers
Shape of My Art
The Wild West

Blood & Guts
Comic Creations
DECATS Has Talent
Gamers Unite
Gettin' Campy
Hit the Deck
Into the Fold
Math Showdown
Needle in a Haystack
Out of the Box
Perfect Pitch
What's Your Perspective?
Where in the World?

Strake Jesuit Master Schedule

Third Period
Fourth Period
Fifth Period

Behind the Scenes
Chess Rules
From the Book to the Board
Hybrid Games
In Cahoots
Lego Robotics
Remember the Alamo
Science of Sports
Sculpt the World
Wimpy Writers
You Nailed It

Director's Cut
Drum It!
Lights, Camera, Action
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
Shape it Up
Through a Different Lens
Tour of Texas
Weavers Wanted

Anchors Aweigh
Big Games Challenge
Blood & Guts
Extreme Sports
Give My Regards to Broadway
History's Mysteries
How the West Was Spun
Passion for Fashion
Short Circuit
Where the Wild Things Art
X Marks the Spot

St. Anne Master Schedule

Third Period
Fourth Period
Fifth Period

Choose Your Own Adventure
DECATS World Cup
Dice & Dominoes
Live at the Improv
Spacial Designs
Sports Stats
The Corner of My Eye
When in Rome

Beyond the Brush
Daily Texan
Hey, Fans in the Stands!
Lego Robotics
Living History
Platform 9
Stitching Sensations
Wanna Race?

Blood & Guts
Boot Scootin' Boogie
DECATS Yearbook
Fork it Over
From the Book to the Board
Give My Regards to Broadway
Infinite Artistry
Invention Convention
Is That Your Final Answer?
Math Moves
Personalize the Past
Stack it and Move it!

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