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Dear Visitors,

Since 1994, it has been a blessing to have so many Scholars joyfully fill the hallways each summer at DECATS! We are always amazed at the transformation that Scholars experience in three short weeks. This transformation is made possible through our five commitments:

  1. DECATS is committed to a program centered in Jesus Christ.
    We follow Christ's Word and example in our love of one another, and we celebrate His affirming love for us.
  2. DECATS is committed to service.
    Scholars are encouraged to embrace a spirit of gratitude for their God-given talents and commit to using their gifts to serve others. At DECATS, we believe that "better at" does not mean "better than," and from those to whom much is given, much will be expected.
  3. DECATS is committed to fostering excellence.
    We hold high expectations for our Scholars and mentors, challenging them with rigorous training and high expectations.
  4. DECATS is committed to fostering personal responsibility.
    DECATS Scholars take ownership of their own learning and development and are encouraged to see failure and the experience of natural consequences to one's choices as an integral part of their development and learning.
  5. DECATS is committed to mentoring the whole child.
    In addition to DECATS' strong emphasis on academics, we promote spiritual, relational, and emotional development. Our curriculum includes an impressive variety of course offerings across the spectrum of disciplines, Perspectives, addressing giftedness, as well as Manners & Etiquette, Executive Functioning, Wellness, and Values & Morals.

Our special thanks go to our hosts and the entire communities of Corpus Christi, Strake Jesuit and St. Anne. They have provided warm hospitality and solid support as we prepare for another exciting three weeks of DECATS.

We are also profoundly grateful to Mr. Manuel DeBusk and DeBusk Foundation for their support year after year. Thank you for your continued investment in our nation's greatest resource.

In Christ,

John Barone
Executive Director

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