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You can print this list to keep written track of what you have completed and submitted to DECATS. Official status of these items should be tracked using myStatus. Due to the high number of participants in the program we cannot facilitate "status requests" over email.

For deadlines, please click Calendar in the menu on the left.

Please note: DECATS at Corpus Christi, Strake Jesuit and St. Anne does not require an application deposit, a portfolio, proof of test scores or a behavior rating scale. The only items required are what you see on this page.

Scholar Application

Registered for a myStatus account

myStatus Username: ___________________________________

myStatus Password: ___________________________________

Completed online application for new / returning Scholar

Submitted tuition assistance application, if applicable


Completed online registration

Paid oustanding balance (tuition, extended day fees, merchandise purchases, etc)

Course Selection

Completed online course selection

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