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The DECATS crest pictured above is built from Dr. Joseph Renzulli's three-ring conception of giftedness, pictured at right. Our focus at DECATS is not just the intersection of these three rings but also their intersection with Jesus Christ's model of servant leadership, represented with the cross located in the center.

Through Manners to Morals, Perspectives, and our elective courses, we equip Scholars with the skills and awareness that is integral to their success as gifted young men and women through teaching servant leadership, that is, taking a leadership role in order to serve others and not to promote oneself. Everything we foster at DECATS is about service for the sake of others, to support and promote the success of others and the "we" instead of the ego or "I."

Our crest reflects an appreciation of participating in projects and challenges which have direct impact and benefit for others. While identifying and highlighting the gifts of these young Scholars, DECATS teaches Scholars that we are able to give the gift of ourselves, allowing us to make a selfless contribution that at times will call for personal sacrifice.

And, we make that contribution and that sacrifice with our compensation being the satisfaction that we did the best we could, gave selflessly to promote the success of others, and are building and fostering Christ's model of servant leadership. During their time at DECATS, Scholars discover the blessing of being able to give of themselves in unique ways, experience growth in relationships, and encounter gratification through performing acts which benefited others, in the areas where they are most creative, most committed, and most "above-average."

DECATS is all about learning that "better at" does not mean "better than." We are not just about having a fun summer or giving gifted children a place to find refuge and learn in a safe environment. We are about offering those things as part of teaching the "better at" not "better than" philosophy.

DECATS seeks to make a great impact in such a small amount of time. Even for Scholars who come for all four years, their total DECATS experience is only 12 weeks. Though the time is short, we are confident that we have the power to change the lives of these children and empower them with an attitude of responsibility to use their gifts for the benefit of their community, viewing them not as a burden but as an opportunity to give of oneself.

The DECATS crest is a triangle, formed by the three intersecting rings of Dr. Renzulli's model, with a cross centered inside the triangle. The program acronym - DECATS - is centered along the bottom leg of the triangle. This has been the official DECATS crest since the program's inception in 1994.

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