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Give My Regards to Broadway

Do you just gotta dance? Do you just gotta sing? Do you like the sound of people's applause for a job well-done? The curtain is going up on three-weeks filled with the excitement and magic of musical theater! Imagine sharing your dreams with other Scholars just like you who love theater and the performing arts! Well, at DECATS, dreams DO come true! This year we're planning a salute to Broadway that's going to be great! Lots of fast-paced and exciting work as we speed through the three weeks to finally arrive at our Closing Celebration when the auditorium is packed and you shine! Everyone performs, because everyone is cast in the show. You will learn from Directors, Choreographers, and Vocal Coaches who have years of experience motivating and guiding young performers just like you! So, turn on those smiles and let's light up the stage in the 2010 DECATS Give My Regards to Broadway!

Areas of Interest  Performing Arts, Music, Dance
Mentored by  Ms. Howard, Mr. Sharp and Ms. Styers

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